Life Lessons from my daughter

Below are life lessons I have learned from my daughter.  She brings joy to my life and I am so blessed to have her.



  • If music is on we MUST dance
  • Drinking tea is better when you have someone to share it with
  • All things change and change quickly, so enjoy what you have when you have it
  • Night-night kisses are the best
  • God's world is full of wonder
  • Patience is hard
  • Burping is fun and something to be noticed
  • Animal sounds are just as important as the name
  • Skirts were made to twirl in
  • It's okay to run around in a diaper for most of the day,, who needs clothes anyway?

Please let a comment if you have learned something from being around a kid.



  1. we are neighbors @ wlw...oh I just love become like a child. I want to continue to grow down:) blessings to you...may we twirl more today!

  2. Ells, yes! We should be more childlike in our enthusiasm and energy.