Picky Eater? Why Toddlers Don't Need to Eat!

 Toddlers Don't Need to Eat....much. Okay that's not completely true, but it sure seems like they don't eat.  Below are 8 Tips to help get your picky eater the nutrition they need.


I recently read, "Help! My Child Won't Eat"  It was informative, and had some surprising insights.  Children's nutrition, can be tricky especially when they don't seem to be eating.  Here are a few reasons and tips for getting them the calories they need.

  1. Nursing, this provides the peace of mind your toddler is getting their daily dose of vitamins and good fats.
  2. An 18 month old may need less calories than a 9 month old.  This was shocking, but explains why children might decide one day to stop eating as much as they did.
  3. Toddlers have small tummies.  Feeding children requires small, frequent meals.
  4. They might like fruits and veggies, but due to the low calorie content they can't eat very many.  Even if they eat a lot of fruits and veggies they may still be hungry.
  5. Give them fats:  Butter, nut butters, olive oil, avocados, olives, etc
  6. Make food fun size!  Easy for tinny fingers to grab.
  7. Try to let your children help you pick out and prepare the food.  Make them a part of preparing the meals, they will be more inclined to eat.
  8. Provide your picky eaters with choices.  Keep it limited to 2 or 3 healthy options.   
It would be great to hear your feedback.  Any helpful tips you know to get kids to eat?