Happy Anniversary

It has been nine years.  

Nine years ago, I said "I do".  
Nine years has brought us closer, made us stronger, 
allowed us to age and become wiser.  
You have my heart and I love you.  
You are a man worthy of unconditional respect.  
You are my person, my best friend, my partner.  
I love watching you be a father, 
and can't wait for you to come home every night.  
I love spending my days with you.  
You bring laughter to our home.  
Thank you for being the man that you are, 
you will always have a safe place in my heart.  
I will follow you anywhere you lead.  
This is the day we became one; 
God knew what he was doing.  
We belong together, and you are my kind of weird.  
I love you more than words can say.  

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart.