Happy Birthday to My Two Year Old Daughter!

It has been a short two years, and a very long two years.  My heart is forever fuller because of you.  You have enriched my life and bring joy to my days.  I love your father more, and am even more grateful for God's unconditional love.  What a blessing to be your mom.  Thank you for coming into my life and letting me love you.

You are love, sweetness and joy.  
May you always know your heart and mind
follow God's loving ways and 
bring happiness to those you meet.  
May your excitement for knowledge never lessen.  
You grow in strength, abilities, and friendships. 
Use your keen mind and intellect to bring glory to God.  
You are blessed and loved, 
and may you never forget who loves you best.



  1. it was such a joy getting to know her better! she is such an engaging little baby and i can't wait to see you both again soon. love you sister!