How to Set Goals for Your Family

Recently I was inspired by reading EnterLeadership by Dave Ramsey. Communication is key to any organization, whether it is a company or a marriage.  How do companies communicate?  Through mission statements and goals.  Why not apply the same to your family.  Setting goals for your family will open up lines of communication and get all of you heading in the same common direction.

First start on your mission statement.  Make lists of the following to get started.

1. Talents

2. Traits

3. Dreams and Visions

Now you've got some good ideas, try to write out your family's mission statement.  Post it where your family can see it everyday.  Talk about it, and don't be afraid to change it from time to time.  Need more in-depth help?  Check out Dave Ramsey's mission statement worksheet mission here.

So you have a mission for your family, now how do you get there?  Goals!  In Dave's book he talked of goals as a wheel and there are 7 spokes on the goal wheel.  I have to tell you, I was missing some areas and felt deficient. Here are the 7 areas he recommends.  (I changed the order.)

1. Spiritual

2. Family

3. Physical

4. Career

5. Intellectual

6. Social

7. Financial

Make your goals measurable, with a time table.  So don't put "eat healthier" physical.  Put something like this; "I want to loose 5 pounds in 1 month".  That is a good goal, you can track it, and put plans in place to make it happen.

Be sure that the goals in these 7 areas support your families mission statement.  If you want to be a happy, healthy, loving family.  Be sure to include goals like; walk daily, laugh daily, say I love you everyday.  

My husband and I have always written some goals down, but never in this many categories.  We just worked on them this weekend.  It was a great way to talk and share our visions for our family.  I love being on the same page.  It's easier to make dreams come true if you know what they are!