Husband's needs

My husband needs respect, quiet, and land.  I don't fully understand these needs, but I do know that they are his needs and they should be fulfilled to maintain his well-being.


This, I believe, is vital for all men, especially my husband.  Being loved is not enough, his soul needs to know that others respect him.  Men live with an honor code, where criticism and harsh words are not tolerated well.  God made men to lead the family, and my husband is the head of our home.  He needs to know that I will honor him, and our family.


My husband has people talking his ear off all day long.  He is forced to speak - gasp - and communicate with spoken words.  His natural talents lie in writing and singing.  But I'm guessing he might not get the respect he also requires if he went around the plant singing lyrics.  When he comes home in order to keep his sanity I know he needs quiet time.  This is challenging with a 2 year old in the house and a stay-at-home wife who is in desperate need of adult conversation. 


He was raised on thousands of acres.  Yes, I typed that in right, thousands. He needs to feel connected to the land, care for it, and help maintain it.  I really don't understand this, but I know that it is vital to his soul.  God designed him to be a caretaker of His earth.  After almost a decade of marriage we have found a parcel and are in the process of buying it. I still have no idea what do with acreage, but I know that this is a blessing for my husband, and in turn for my family.

Does your husband have needs you don't understand?  How is God working in your life to help you meet those needs?



  1. If you wonder if anyone ever pays attention to those thumbnails at the bottom of your post...that is where I found this lovely post :-)

    I agree with you that our husbands need respect and honor, and even quiet. I wish I had understood these things when my oldest was two!! My husband comes home extremely tired from long hours of physical work. He likes to talk but doesn't always feel like it at the end of the day. I do better to be patient because it pays off on a day that he doesn't work when he wants to spend time with me...talking.