Read the Bible in 90 Days

90 days. What can you do in 90 days?  Change you body, change your mind?  I started out 90 days ago with a simple goal. Read the bible. Taking a year to do it seemed too long, and I was willing to devote more time each day. So I found a 90 day plan (about 15 chapters a day) here.  It has been a fast overview, and a very interesting way to read God's word. I do find myself looking forward to more in-depth daily devotionals.

But God has blessed me.  Reading his word everyday has created a yearning for more within me. I want to know more about him, understand his laws and ways. His word is ever changing and constant.  

By doing something everyday it becomes easier to do other daily tasks. Like flossing, or exercising, and even writing. When you make your lazy body get up and do something your faithfulness muzzles get exercised and are willing to do more.  We all suffer from inertia: a body at rest likes to stay at rest. 

I have been enjoying the blessings of getting to know God better and being faithful in my life.  A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step and I'm sure it goes faster if you take steps everyday. Is God calling you to take up a daily task to draw closer to him?



  1. Awesome.....just got started on some new daily readings of my own..... :)

    1. Michy, so glad you are reading daily. It's challenging to carve out time to read but so worth it!