Saying Goodbye to Nana

What do you do when someone dies?  I find myself praying for the spouse or close relatives, baking a casserole, or buying plane tickets.  Then in person we sit down and talk about the person who has passed.  Share funny stories or happy memories.  Funerals I have attended have mostly been celebrations of life.

Saying goodbye.  It's hard to say goodbye, I have to this weekend.  The last of my grandmothers passed.  I was blessed to have three amazing women to call grandmother (actually, Granny, Grandma and Nana).  Nana passed quickly.  It was sudden, but peaceful.  God was able to answer prayers of healing by taking her home. 

Death is unavoidable, it is the only thing certain in this life.  Luckily, I know someone who has conquered death.  His name, Jesus.  If you don't know him, I suggest you get to know him.  He provides peace, and knowing him helps you say goodbye to other loved ones who go on before you.  I know I will see my Nana in heaven.  She has no more pain and suffering.  She has met the King, and has seen his glory.

I imagine while we are planning her funeral and sad about her passing and our own mortality, she is sing and dancing in awe of his glory.  We will join her soon, but until then, Goodbye Nana.

Rest well bringer of life.
You shaped and molded my world before 
   I was a thought.
Your actions last long
  and ripple outward.
Though I am not of your flesh,
  my life was shaped by you.
You loved order, your husband and God.
Love was at the root of your heart,
  and concern for others.
May Jesus be glorified in this life and the next.
Find your rest in him.
Sleep well Nana until we meet again.