Fix Me Now!

Last week we had a sink trouble. It was rather exciting for me to break off our sink handle and have water everywhere. As it happens, the shut off valve under the sink was corroded and I couldn't turn it, so I had to shut the whole house off.

This made for a very long day. It is about 25 minutes from our house to the nearest home improvement store. Plus my husband wanted to go with me, he was getting home extra late from work.

By the time we got home with everything it was pushing 9PM. We started to unbolt the faucet (this was by far the hardest and longest part of the job, not fun). Of course the basin wrench we got didn't work for the nuts holding the faucet. Somehow my hubby managed to unbolt the darn thing.

I unpacked the new faucet and assembled it to the sink while he tried to cut the corroded shut off valves.  The pipe cutter he had wasn't quite big enough, so he made a trip to our local home store (only about 5 minutes away but with a very small selection).  When he got back I had the new faucet in place ready for him to tighten up.

He managed to cut the pipes, push on new shutoffs, and attach the supply lines within 15 minutes.  We held our breaths ready to test the water.  By the grace of God it worked, no leaks!  Yeah, the house was a mess, but we had water and no leaks.

I told you all of this to share two insights I gained from this experience.  

1.Who we really are comes through during challenges.  

We can practice all day long everyday, be we don't how good we are or what we are made of, until we are challenged.  Just like playing tennis.  Practicing is one thing, but it is very different when playing a match, that is where we find out if we are good players.

2. Me trying to help my husband, doesn't always come across as helpful.  

He wanted to fix it on his own, but I kept trying to help him.  He had had a very long day at work (close to 14 hours) and then to come home and have more work to do, just didn't seem fair.  So I researched how to fix the sink (ie, I called my dad, the handyman).  This did not go over very well.  I didn't realize how experienced my wonderful husband was at sink repair.  So I completely under-minded him, even though I had the best intentions.
In Love and Respect (see end of post) the author talks about having good will towards your spouse.  Luckily I have a husband who has good will towards me, he knows I did not mean to hurt his feelings (plus I did apologize a few times).    



  1. Crisis moments do bring out the best and worst in us, don't they? I envisioned the trauma and mess - having gone through similar things in the past. It sounds like you handled it well, and I know you didn't mean to undermine your husband. Showing grace in trying circumstances isn't always easy!

  2. Thank you Esther. I tried to handle it well, but it wasn't easy. We've moved on and the new sink works great. :)