Homeopathy Healing in Texas

I felt like a drug dealer when I was at my in-laws house this last week.  I was a vigilante for better healing and wellness.

Truly I believe in less is more when it comes to healing.  Natural is my approach, our bodies were designed to heal themselves.  Taking synthetic substances to make us 'better' - just doesn't jive with my understanding of how our bodies work.  Even if you don't experience one of the many listed side-effects that doesn't mean your body didn't do something with it that would be counter productive.

Anyway back to me dealing.  I brought my homeopathy kit with me, and I was dispensing pills like crazy.  Seems like everything that came up, I had a tab for it!

First up, my father-in-law.  He complained of a sore throat.  So I offered, and he accepted!  This is down right shocking, to have an old Scottish rancher take me up on this.  I gave him one dose of my normal concoction for sore throats and three hours later he said he was better.

Then my cousin-in-law's dog got hung up in a fence and she wasn't sure what to give him for that soreness.  Once I heard this I had to add my two cents and she let me give her some arnica.  She was worried about side effects of drugs, and was happy to have found a no-side effect solution.

My nephews, daughter and husband were sick with the stomach bug.  So I gave them bitter cucumber and wild chamomile.  Poor things, I know this didn't bring immediate healing, but I think it helped them feel better.

Then maybe the most amazing one was one of my nephews was, should I say, grumpy.  I think he might have had ear problems for the plane rides.  Well on the last day we saw him I gave him some colic tabs.  He seemed to 'be himself' again.  It was more relaxed and easy going.  Of course his mom wanted more, I gladly gave her several more tabs.  Then the question of dosing came up, and I think that will have to be another post.  It's not as easy as take 3 and call me in the morning.

Finally, I was not only dealing, but I was popping tabs myself.  I have always had really painful periods, usually two days of me feeling extremely bad.  Well, on this trip to my in-laws I didn't want to be feeling that bad, so I was diligent about taking the female wise tabs.  I took them every time I used the bathroom and whenever I thought about giving someone else a tab.  It helped me so much that I didn't even have to use an over the counter painkiller!  I can't remember the last time I didn't count the minutes until I could take the next dose of painkiller during my period, probably because it has never happened.

This is not my first post to mention homeopathy nor will it be my last.  Have you ever tried homeopathy, did it help?