Mission Office Organization

Mission Office Organization

For over a year now my office has been a complete disaster zone.  We have spent time grouping items into plies, but with the help of my daughter the piles get spread around, and every available horizontal surface gets buried.  Here is what my office looked like:
 A complete mess right?  Drives me crazy, but when I go into the office only have a small window of time to write, blog, email, and tweet.  I want to use all that time writing, not cleaning.

Well my awesome husband.  Really he is awesome:)  He put a shelf in the closet.  Not a big thing, but it has made a huge difference in the office.  He spent a Saturday afternoon, taking out unused things (like the 3 prints that didn't work) and getting everything off the floor.  This is big step in the right direction.  Now my daughter can play in here while I'm writing, and maybe someday soon I will get through all the piles of stuff and see some horizontal surface again!



  1. Right here with you on this... and my office is even in the basement away from the kids. I resort to pulling my ADD card. :)

    1. Julie I don't have a reason, except it is a low priority right now. Might make me crazy, but for now I will just deal with it.