Painting with a 2 Year Old

My house is not overly tidy, or super clean, but I do take care of it and strive to keep things picked up and wiped down.  Reading blogs about mom's who let their young kids paint got me inspired to try.

When my daughter was around 14 and 18 months I tried but painting was just too challenging for her and me!  But now that she is two, I thought we'd try again.

Here is how I kept my house clean and still managed to let her have fun.

1. Outside
2. Washable Paints
3. Bath After

That's it, I let her paint outside and she had the best time.  Here is some of her art work.

I think she did great!  She really like using the paintbrush and mixing the colors.  This might be a weekly activity during the summer for us, just so much fun.  :)



  1. Love her precious little artwork! I have tried painting a couple times with my son (he's almost 17 months). He gets a little better each time. In the beginning, I just did his hand print. But last time, he actually did some smearing on his own! How did you set up the paper outside? I usually put him in his high chair.

    Mary Beth

  2. MB first time I had her in her diaper and then put down 3-4 pages around her on the side walk. The second time I did use rocks to hold the paper down. Hope that answers your question! It is fun to watch them learn and create. :)