Local Library Love

Do you love to read?  I'm pretty crazy for it, and have always enjoyed being read to and reading.  I'm also frugal.  Spending hard earned money on a book that I might not read over and over, is almost wrong.  So what do I do?  I go to the local library.  Libraries let me test drive books, and provide me with new books every week. Here is my reading stack for the week.  So many good books to choose from I've started 3 and I'm not sure which one to pick up next!

You can't get everything for 'free'.  There are a few draw-backs to getting access to all those books!
1. Sometimes you have to wait for popular books and movies (wait as in months).
2. There are rules (they vary from library to library). But you have a limited amount of time to check out a book, and you can't let it sit on your nightstand for a year before you get around to reading it.
3. Only so many books you can reserve.  Sorry but 25 is way too small a number for me.
4. Libraries are funded with taxes.  Yes so it might be 'free' but really you are paying for it, so use it!  Last year our tax was $47 for the library and it is worth every penny. I check out around 15 books a week, and 5 movies.

Here are my top reasons for loving the library.
1. Almost unlimited selection of books (you can even request books that they don't have)
2. They have media too.  Books on CD, DVDs, Music and video games
3. Online requests, then you get an email when it is ready to pickup.  This is by far my favorite feature, great for busy moms!
4. Activities.  Most will have classes, and learning activities, weekly book readings.
5. It is a happy place, great for taking my daughter to and enjoying a few minutes of being excited about books.

My favorite sections: new releases fiction and non fiction, movies, romance, self help. Kids section is wonderful!   Lots of board books and I can't wait to read all of the older kid books, they look like so much fun.
What are you waiting for?  
Go check out your local library.