New Socks Everyday

On my first job, I worked with a guy who was crazy for new socks. He had it figured out how much he needed to make to keep himself in new socks everyday. I thought he was nuts.  What a waste.  I have no idea if really wears new socks everyday, but I still think of that conversation when I buy new socks.  For some reason it is stuck in my brain.

Just so happens I bought some new socks the other day. And let me tell you he might not be that nuts. I could really feel a difference. My toes were so happy against the squishy resistance and plush new heals. Ahh. Such happy feet.  Even my husband said his feet were happier in the new socks I had bought him.

I have some old socks that are coarse and I've noticed I'm often in a bad mood when I wear them. They don't hurt my feet, but they don't feel good either. My toes are tender after wearing them. I like tight weave, and fine thread for my socks, athletic support socks that hug my arches and have lots of cushion.

This very thought was even on Modern Family.  Jay thinks Gloria is angry and yells because her feet hurt from her shoes. Here's the clip

Someone told me once, the best shoes are the ones you don't notice, but I'll take it one step further. The best shoes are the ones that make you smile with each step.

Happy feet, happy life
That might be a stretch, but it couldn't hurt to buy some new socks every now and then!



  1. I'm a barefoot type of girl. But I will agree with the happy feet thing. When my feet are in comfy shoes and not too hot or not too cold. Ahhhh........
    Have a great weekend in your new socks. :)

    1. Sherri, I have to have my feet at just the right temp too! This summer it has been mostly sockless. :)

  2. I relate well to this. Love warm, soft socks and comfy shoes...must say, not something I thought of to be thankful for, but yet another blessing! this is why I love this linky!

    Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursday.

    1. Theresa, such a good link up. There is always something to be thankful for, that is the best mind set.