Tuesday Tips and Link Up Party

Welcome to Tuesday Tips of the Week and Link Up Party! 


Every Tuesday I will be sharing helpful tips that will help you make your life Simply Better.   Please join the fun and share your ideas.

This week's Tip:

 Attach library cards to your library bag.  
I have tried it all.  Keeping one on my car key chain, in the library bag, in the car, and in my wallet.  All of which I find to be fussy, and I'm always digging for the card.  Not anymore.  I love having the carabiner on the bag and I always know where the card is, super easy to swipe.

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  1. This is a great tip! I'm not so sure I could tell you where my library card is right now...

    MB @newlifesteward

    1. Mary Beth that is too funny! I could never find mine either, even when it was in my purse/diaper/snack bag. Hope you can find it and use this tip. :)

  2. What a fantastic idea to add the library cards to a library bag!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks too for linking up with me and reminding me to link with you. I am working on updating my favorite link-ups but it is going slow this morning :-)

  3. That is an awesome tip! That is exactly the kind of thing I would lose if it were up to me!

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome Naomi! So glad you liked the tip be sure to come back every week or better yet follow my RSS feed or email. Blesslings to you and your family.