Tuesday Tips and Link Up!

Welcome to the first Tuesday Tips of the Week and Link Up Party! 


Every Tuesday I will be sharing helpful tips that will help you make your life Simply Better.   Please join the fun and share your ideas.

This week's Tip:

Place a paper towel in with chopped up fruits and veggies.  
This will absorb excess water, and keep them fresh and lasting much longer.

Ready to Party?  Join the fun and check out some other great tips from the linked blogs.  Please remember to add the Simply Better button to your post.  All posts with helpful tips are welcome, the topics are endless: organization, recipes, homemaking, marriage, parenting, finances, homemade, DIY, Christian Walk...



  1. Ya know...I do this with my lettuce all the time but have never even thought to do it with my fruit! :) thanks for the tip -- I'll give it a try!!