Tuesday Tips and Link Up!

Welcome to Tuesday Tips of the Week and Link Up Party! 


Every Tuesday I will be sharing helpful tips that will help you make your life Simply Better.   Please join the fun and share your ideas.

This week's Tip:

When you get home from the grocery store, chop all your fruit and veggies.  This will keep them ready and available for quick snacking.  It is too easy to put them in the bottom drawers in the fridge and forget about them!  Help yourself make better choices by having delicious ready to eat fruits and veggies.  (Notice the paper towel from a previous tip?)

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  1. I am the queen of forgetting fruit in the drawer and letting it ruin! In fact, I bought mango and avocado yesterday that I need to cut up!

  2. Thanks for the great post & linkup, & God bless,

  3. I like it! This is a great idea,not only for the kids, but also {especially so} for me...!!

  4. This really is great for kids. When making dinner I grab a pre-cut tub of veggies to snack on. Or lunch is super easy get out the fruit and veggies, and just add some fats and proteins!

  5. Thank you for this great idea and for linking up at Simply Helping Him :)

  6. This tip is so important! We buy lots of fresh produce and sometimes forget to eat it in time. If it were cut, I'd be much more inclined to reach for it at snacktime!