Birthday Reflections and some NEWS

Annual events cause me to reflect and think about what's important.  Around my birthday every year I reflect about where my life is heading, where I've been, and what's been happening.  I am such a goal-oriented person. I find myself reviewing my goals that I set back in January.  The end of August is a time of reflection and anticipation for me.  I love fall weather, and find myself looking forward to the holidays.  A new year is just four short months away.   Then I look at my goals to see if I've been moving in the right direction, or if I need to make adjustments.

I value lots of things: healthy food, clean and organized home, family time, friends, reading...and the list could go on and on.  But what is really important to me?  There is only one answer, the reason for my existence and the drive behind all I do:

Jesus Christ

Really everything comes down to him.  God's love, and grace have been extended to me and I am forever grateful and in his debt.  I want to spread his good news and share his love.

So I've set some goals, but these are action steps I've taken.

I've signed up to memorize 1 Peter chapter 1.
I am still looking for a good study group.  I need some in depth study, and would love some fellowship.

I am trying to be in the moment.  Focus attention on my husband when he gets home, and being present with my daughter. Speaking lovingly and keeping Christ in all we do.

Local Friends:   Set up play-dates, and lunches monthly.
Blog Buddies: Get to their sites at least once a week, and add valuable comments, encouragement, links back to them and help make their sites better.

If you are reading this, you are either my mom, or a blog buddy.  Thank you for all your support, without you I wouldn't have been encouraged to continue with Simply Better.  I have big plans for Simply Better in the coming months to continue to spread God's love.

Now for the NEWS!  Early this Fall, Simply Better will be launching a free ebook!

(Sorry I can't be more specific about the date right now, still a lot of editing to do!)

Here's an excerpt from the book.

      I bet you had hopes and dreams of how your married life was going to be.  But then reality crept in and things just aren't how you thought they'd be.  I bet it's hard to look past all the times he's late, the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and kissless embraces. Is that really the man of my dreams eating a mayo-cheese sandwich in his underwear on the couch watching sports?
       A decade ago, my married life began.  In that time, we have faced numerous challenges. We have spent more nights apart than I care to remember, faced losing loved ones, conflicting schedules, graduate school, buying homes, and trying to sell them, renting an unsold house, miscarriages, children, in-laws, job changes, and the list goes on. In all that time with all those challenges, we never fought about big issues.  It's the small daily stuff that creeps up, gets under my skin and drives me crazy.

Please be sure to follow Simply Better by email so we can be in touch, and you won't miss out on the free ebook.  It will change your marriage for the better!
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If you are interested in getting an advanced copy and possibly reviewing.  Please let me know by sending me an email.


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  1. Happy Birthday ♥ Yes, truly a beatiful post (and bloq)!!!

  2. Love having blog buddies! Happy Birthday! I'm impressed that you are so organized with your goals - inspiring...

    And the book - super exciting, can't wait to hear more!

    Thank you so much for linking up with Cozy book hop!


  3. Great post and Happy Birthday! My birthday is in August too, but I sure didn't do anything as insightful as what you did here. It was very inspiring to read. I pray that your e-book is a huge success and that the Lord continue to guide your every step. Hugs!

  4. Happy birthday! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Have a fabulous rest of the week!

  5. Happy Birthday Leslie! Wishing you many many more! This was such and inspiring post to me - I love your mini goals! I'm so excited for you launching an ebook! I'll be praying for you and a great launch.

    I really love your personal goal to memorize 1 Peter 1 - what a great chapter.

    I'm loving your blog more and more each time I visit! :)

  6. Thank you all so much for the uplifting words. My heart is full. God bless each of you!

  7. Happy Birthday, Leslie!! What a beautiful post!! How nice that your mom reads your blog and what an honor that you consider me to be one of your blog buddies. I am amazed as I go around to different blogs I follow to see many of my bloggie-friends there too!! How nice!!

    Just such a special post!!

    Oh, and thanks so much for linking up over at Haven of Rest.

  8. How exciting!! Hello Mornings at Inspired to Action is studying 1 Peter right now!! I think you'll have to buy the study, but it isn't much! I've really enjoyed it!
    I'm memorizing too!
    Thanks for linking up and congrats on the eBook!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Leslie! Love hearing goals, helps me keep focused, too :) And I'm excited about your ebook... sounds fantastic! please feel free to link your post at our weekly link party for all things heart & home. would love to see you there: pray you have a beautiful birthday, reflecting on His goodness

  10. Those are wonderful goals, can't wait for your eBook that's very exciting! Thanks for linking up to Stop, Look, Link!