Blankets of Love

When my daughter was born, I was surprised by how many women sent my daughter blankets.  So many were handmade, and I was over come with gratefulness.  People I loved had spent their precious time loving assembling quilts or knitting beautiful patterns.

Explosions of pink, all over our new home.  I couldn't have been happier to see pink, even though I have never been a pink person.  The pink represented a beautiful daughter that had come into our lives.  These pink reminders not only came from Missouri, but Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Washington and Indiana.  How great is that?  Love came from all over the United States to rest in my home and protect my new born daughter.    

Thank you,
Karen, Mary Beth, Julie B., Betty, Janice, Julie H., Laura, Barb G., Pam, Jean, Barb S., Paula

All these women have shaped and molded my life.  I'm so glad to still be wrapping my daughter in their love.

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  1. Oh how precious is a hand-made gift?! And you know someone else named Mary Beth!? That's cool. I haven't met too many others out there!

    1. My morher-in-law is also Mary Beth! I just love all the love in the blankets she sent. :)

  2. What a blessing to have a group of women who aren't necessarily down the street share their gifts and talents with you while they pour into your life!

    PS sweet blankets! As a mom of 3 girls I personally love all the pink. :O)