Cheep Smart Phone: Tuesday Tip

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This week's Tip:

How to get a good cheep smart phone:
Don't go to a brick and mortar store.  They are always over priced and never have the good deals.  
Go online, and search for the cheapest phones.  
I got a refurbished one for $10 (retailed $200).  
If you have WiFi, get the lowest data package, I have never gone over my data limits, because I only use my phone internet when I'm in WiFi.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip & for hosting the linkup, & God bless,

    1. Laurie I'm so glad you linked up! Thanks so much.

  2. everyone has such good tips and tidbits to share! I'll try to think of some tips to share next Tuesday! Don't know if can think of anything others will find worth reading! LOL!

    1. Sylvia, link up whatever you want! I'm sure there are things you do everyday that would make for some great tips. :)