Facebook and Twitter Page URL

This is going to be a how to post.  Tuesday I had a link up party and some wonderful bloggers linked up, but many had trouble finding their Facebook and Twitter URLs.  It took me a while to share mine correctly, and I know I've got some bad links out there in cyberspace.  Hope this helps so that we can connect and find each other in Facebook and Twitter!

How to find Facebook URL:

1. Log on to your facebook fan page.
2. Go to the fan page admin page (not the home page where you see other's posts).
3. Copy the URL in the browser.

Tip: For me I have to put the numbers behind my facebook page name.  Some lucky facebook pages you won't need the numbers. Most URLs will look something like this:

How to find Twitter URL:

1. Log in to your twitter account.
2. View your profile page
3. Copy the url in the browser.

Tip: You will have to remove the 'S' out of https://.  So your twitter url will look like this:

Hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have issues or an even better way to find them for sharing.


I often Link with these blogs.



  1. thank you! this is very helpful. I am quite technologically challenged, so I can use any help I can get! thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

  2. I am technology challenged. Thanks for this!

  3. I'm still making my way through all of the social technology. As a new blogger, it is overwhelming and I appreciate you sharing. The first time I did a link-up party, I linked back to the page that was hosting! Whoops! :o)

  4. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are hardest to figure out! thanks for sharing at WIP Wednesday!

    1. Mary Beth you seem so with it I thought for sure you would have a better way to do it! :) Glad to share at WIP, I've missed you at Tuesday Tips.

  5. Thank you sooo much for sharing this, Leslie. As you know, I am so techie-challenged that it isn't even funny!!

    Thank you for linking up at Haven of Rest this past week. I read this earlier but I think I was on my phone so didn't comment...techie-challenged, you know :-)

    1. You are welcome. It is funny because I can only reply to comments from my phone! The option to reply doesn't show up on the big computer. :)