Sweet Words

Speaking sweetly to others, showing them God's love

 Proverbs 17:24
Gracious words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

I just love this bible verse!  It is so hard to tame our tongues, and yet this wicked thing can bring healing."Sweet words heal the soul and foster lasting friendships." (Click to tweet!)  Through words of encouragement you can build your relationships up and help those around you become who they meant to be. Encourage others with sweet words. Our words are strong and leave lasting impressions on others. Like sweet honey our words need to flow softly from our lips to them.
I think about it like this; what friends do you like to spend the most time with? We’ve all got a few friends that are overly critical and it’s all about them and we are never good enough. But I’m sure we all have a few friends that build you up and make you feel like you could do anything, be anyone? Which ones do you spend time with?
Well I like to spend my time with the later, and that’s the kind of friend and wife I want to be – I want to be friends with my husband.  I want him to turn to me for support.
Really though it's not just our words but our tone too.  Our tone of voice changes whatever sweet words are streaming from our lips.  
Friends will you pray with me today for sweet words?
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please give us sweet words to say.  I pray that we can encourage and build others up around us. There are so many times I fail to speak loving sweet words, please help me.  My tongue can be wicked, and only you can help change it.  I am still learning your words and hiding them in my heart, so that they can change my thoughts.  Please let your words flow from my lips, so that I can show others your love.  Help me to encourage and build others up with sweet words.  Thank you.  Amen.

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