Tuesday Tips and Link Up Party #6!

Welcome to Tuesday Tips of the Week and Link Up Party! 


Every Tuesday I will be sharing helpful tips that will help you make your life Simply Better.   Please join the fun, comment and share your ideas.

This week I'm hosting not only a blog link up, but Facebook and Twitter as well!  Let's link up and help each other grow and connect. I will follow everyone who links up, if I'm not already.

This week's Tip:

I used to toss out jars, but then I got into homemade crafts and  personal care products.  Then I struggled to get the sticky off!  This week's tip is to use olive oil to remove the sticky.  All I do is rub some on the sticky, and let it sit in the dishwasher.  Once it comes out of the dishwasher it is usually all clean!


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  1. Found you on Mommy Blogs 1000+ followers! I'd love to link up...can I share a recipe instead of a tip?

    1. Ashley, absolutely all link ups welcome. :)

  2. Leslie...you are soooo sweet to have retweeted my blog!! Thanxomuch!!

    1. Judith, every link up I try to tweet and share every post on Facebook. Plus comments, really trying to help everyone who links up to get more exposure and traffic!! You are sooo welcome. :)