Wanted: Christian Authors

We find ourselves is a world where practically any one's opinion and crazy ideas are just a few mouse clicks away.  Any book is at our fingertips in seconds.  We have information streaming to us 24/7.  How do we filter?  Our minds are to be filled with God's word and his truths.  We are what we think.

I am a reader, I love stories, discovering new worlds, and new characters.   For me finding a new author is exciting and I will read everything they have ever written if I like them.  I enjoy fantasy novels and boy meets girl kind of books.  Jane Austen is close to being my favorite author.

This summer, I have been reading a book series, Graceling.  It's got strong female leads, and it's a fantasy novel, where people fight with swords, and embark on grand adventures.  It has been a great summer read for me.  When I picked up the third book of the series at the library a few weeks ago, I noticed it was a teen book.

Teen books are about teens, not necessarily written for teens.  My main problem with the Graceling series is the author is confused about marriage and thinks it is not a good state for any girl or woman to find herself in. I'm all for female power, and being self sufficient. But she has taken it to a weird place. If our teen women are reading this, what seeds of thought are being planted?  I am overcome with a thought, "It is important for Christian authors to put forth Godly ideas and publish wholesome books, that people want to read." 

When I think of Christian books, I think of non-fiction.  I love non-fiction, but I also love to read fiction.  The Sword came out a few years ago and caused a stir, we desperately need more books like this!  With hunger games and other popular series that our children are reading at impressionable ages it is important for us to know what they are reading and encourage them to read entertaining books that jive with what we think is important.  Want to fill up your nook, or kindle with good books?  Check out Gospel eBooks, Inspired Reads, or Christianbook.com

I do see the value in reading views that are different from my own,  it by all means we should be talking with our children about what they are reading, or better yet read it with them.

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    1. Laurie, thanks for following! I'm also now following you by RSS feed. Love your insights and looking forward to getting to know you better.

  3. I agree- more fiction books with Christian values are so needed.

    Thank you for linking up with Cozy Book hop! I really enjoyed this post and your blog

    Marissa @ forfunreadinglist.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks for the links... I love books too :D

  5. Hi Leslie:

    You are right - we need more fiction written by Christian authors. I enjoy reading and Christian fiction is among my favorite reads.

    Thank you for visiting and linking at Reflections of His Grace.