How to shorten Feedburner Emails

How do I shorten Feedburner Emails?   For me this was not intuitive, and even after I found how to do this, I still had trouble remembering where it was.

1.  Log into Feedburner.
2. Click on the website you are working on.
3. Open the Optimize tab.
4. At the very bottom on the left hand side is: Summary Burner.
5. Here you can set the length and write up your own teaser and all you have to do to set it is Activate it.  It really is easy, if you can find it!

Tip:  I had originally thought that by shortening the email it would drive people to my site to read the rest of the post.  But now my preference is to send the whole post. 

Honestly I want to send the shortened post in email because I think it takes up less space and loads faster in email.

What I don't want is to have a shorten post on RSS feed.  I wish I could have a setting for emails and RSS feeds.  I personally will unfollow RSS feeds that don't show the whole post, I like to read them fast and if I have to click onto their website for the whole post, it takes too much time.

I am thinking of converting to Mail Chimp for emails.  I will keep you posted on what I decide.
Are you enjoying these more techinal posts?  I'd love to hear if they are helping or if you have a question.


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  1. Are you planning to go with the free plan for Mail Chimp or the paid plan? I have read that many bloggers believe Feedburner is going away! :/

    1. Misty, I am always looking for free options! :) Simply Better right now is not bringing in money. So free Mail Chip and upgrade later. I know I'm not sure about feedburner's future. Plus its not very user friendly. Can't just click "send email to all followers". But after spending a few hours playing around on mail chimp I'm not sure it will do what I want. Got to read and do more research.

  2. I worry that I have too many emails to send out :/ It's only 2000 emails, for the free plan. Based on my feedburner subscriptions, I would be over 8,000 emails already :/

  3. I agree. I haven't unsubscribed from those who don't give the whole post, but that teaser has to be compelling to make me go to their site. If the whole post was there, I would read the whole thing, but with a snippet, I find myself even skipping them altogether.

    April @

  4. Thanks! This helped!

  5. I just LOVE typing in what you are looking for and here it is. Thanks for the easy step by step instructions!!!!!!