Milk Diaries a Review

A friend of mine Maggie Singleton wrote, Milk Diaries: a compilation of practical,encouraging advice from the "real" breastfeeding experts.  The book is actually on my desk as I type this!  How cool is that?  It is what every writer dreams of - to one day see your words in print.

What makes it even cooler, is she is a mother of three and runs a business.  You can catch her blogging at Perspectives Writing & Editing.  How she had time to write this book, I may never know.

But she did and I have to say it is wonderful.

Totally 5 out of 5 stars Amazon Review from me!

Maggie picked a topic near and dear to my heart.  Breastfeeding.  Milk Diaries is not your typical breastfeeding book, but a collection of stories by the 'real' experts.  It's wonderful to read about the struggles and triumphs from mom's with varied parenting styles.  This book gives hope, that no matter what your family situation you can breastfeed successfully!

So much good information and the index is great.  Just flip to the pages you need right away.  Wonderful to read honest, real, truthful stories from the nursing chapters of these women's lives.  Nursing is not a one size fits all and this book gives great advise to anyone thinking about breastfeeding and offers hope to anyone struggling.

Please head on over Amazon and get a copy for yourself of Milk Diaries or to take with you to the next baby shower.  You will be so glad you did!

I've got to know do you or did you nurse your kids?  Head to Milk Diaries Facebook  to leave your comments and thoughts on breastfeeding.



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