Mother Manifesto

I was inspired by Jeff Goins Writer Manifesto, you can get a free copy by subscribing to his website:

Here's a preview of  mine (full length one coming soon for download).

what does it mean to be a good mother?  

What actions can i take?   

   true                                 selfless

                       available                                   caring

        loving                           patient

kind - kindness is an action.  to be kind all the time is hard. 

     respectful - watch my tone, don't nit-pick.  

               sweet - cover my child with sweetness
    if they do not get it from me who else will give it to them?

When the day is long, 
and sleep is short, 
this is God's crucible in my life.  
How will I act, 
what will I say?  
These are the moments that expose
 my true heart 
and show the change 
He has made to it.  

                           Will you answer the call to be a good mother?  
                 One who follows Christ and leads by example

 I say YES.  

        Will you?



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