Potty Training

We have had a big week in our home.  My daughter is potty training.  She has been showing "signs" of being "ready" since she was 18 months.  And now finally at 28 months she is actually doing it!

Just so proud of her, I wanted to share her success with the world.

I have tried to train her a few times, but she was NOT ready.

At 18 months I tried to put her in big girl panties, thinking that she would feel the wetness and learn that way.  Instead she held it for 5 hours and then asked for a diaper.  

24 months I got her a potty sticker chart.  She loved putting the stickers on the wall, but still didn't want to be bothered trying to pee in the potty.  Stickers were not enough motivation.

Recently my sister-in-law suggested skittles.  Okay, I was finally ready to try to bribe her and at 28 months the idea is sticking!  I went all out, potties in every room, and skittles for reward.  It took only one day.  It was a long day because I put her in big girl panties.  (Silly me)  Now we are making 90% successful catches and have pull ups for back up. (Much less stressful on me) 

After a few successful days, I was telling her just how proud I was of her.  I meant to build up her confidence and let her know how far she had come.  So I got done talking, then she looked down and said "poop."

Poor thing, she couldn't glory in her success because she knows she hasn't mastered everything about the potty.  (The apple didn't fall far from either tree with this attitude.)  I told her that she will figure out to get her poop in the potty, and that in a few days she has come a long way.

She has learned so much about the potty, and yet still has some major hurdles to cross in the future.  Poop, big girl panties, remembering to pee when not at home, and night-time bathroom trips.  Big stuff, it's crazy how much we have to learn in such a short time on earth!

I've got to know, was this post TMI or alright?
If you have successfully potty trained I'd love to hear about it in the comments, and if you are in the middle of it, I really want to hear how you are doing it!!


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  1. :) We had the same issue with Ava (she turned 3 in June). I tried and tried at all different stages, then one day she just started asking to go potty! On her own, when she was ready it was really easy. She mastered the whole thing (#1 and #2) over a weekend. I think the mistake I made was trying to hard before she was ready. Congrats on the accomplishment! It's a huge step for little ones!

    1. Stephanie I know they need to be ready, can't make them do anything they aren't ready for. So we are just peeing right now. #2 will happen when she's ready. :) I will just count my blessings and keep buying diapers. :p