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   Buried Treasure is a gem that serves as a marriage recalibration tool all wives need at some time or another in their married lives. Don't we all enter into marriage with fanciful ideals of how life with our spouse will be, only to be rudely awakened from our daydreams by reality? Leslie is frank and honest about her own end of honeymoon bliss, and encourages her readers with her resolute determination to be a good wife, as well as offers reminders of timeless wisdom that is crucial to help any marriage survive. A quick read, Buried Treasure is dense with practical reflections and lays out clearly how a woman needs to transform her thinking and actions to grow the marriage of her dreams.

    As y’all know marriage is one of the most important topics to me. Leslie’s E-book Buried Treasure falls right in line with this passion of mine!
    I have always enjoyed reading books that come with study guides. A time to reflect on what you’ve read is very important I believe. This is you will find in her book as well!
    Leslie covers topics ranging from empathy and respect to love. You’ll find encouragements, ideas and prayers along the way!
    At 42 pages, Buried Treasure is an “easy” read, yet challenging and life changing.
    If you’re looking for direction and a jump start to your marriage “pick up” Leslie’s E-book Buried Treasure.
~Misty, Simply Helping Him~

     This book was fantastic!  I really loved the chapter "Act With Selflessness".  It really spoke to me and I think so many women will really relate.  We live in a culture that is all about women's lib - women and men being equal. It is so important to stress our God given responsibilities and the order in which He created us.  God is the head over man and man is the head over women.  It goes against everything the world says. 
     It's so hard for women these days, and especially for our daughters who are growing up in this time.  I catch a lot of criticism even amongst Christians for the things I do for my husband (packing his lunch, doing his laundry, making him breakfast before he leaves) because the world says "Let him do for me!" or "He should be helping me, I have to do everything myself".  The bible never says we have to love and serve our husbands only if he does x, x or x.  It's non-negotiable.  It's really hard to do when everyone everywhere is telling you differently than what God says.
      I think this book was absolutely fantastic and an invaluable resource to women - both young and older.  I'm so pleased to have been able to read it in advance!  

~Stephanie, A {Modern} Christian Woman~

     Leslie did a superb job writing this book; keeping in mind that we are to seek God's help in 'changing me' and not our husband. She conveyed her sweet, humble spirit throughout the book as she encourages women to strengthen their marriages from the core. She divides her book into three parts: Partnership, Friendship, and Lover and in so doing focuses on key aspects which will build marriages. This book speaks life to those who are soon-to-be-married, newlyweds, and those who have been married a few years, and those married longer. Leslie understands the differences between men and women and addresses those areas where we as women can improve our marriages in an understanding manner though selflessness, forgiveness, respect. I would heartily recommend this book no matter how long you have been married. You will be directed to the Lord Jesus to help improve your marriage whether you are struggling or simply desiring to spice up a great relationship. Thank you, Leslie for the time and energy you put into forming your thoughts into words.
~Judith, WholeHearted Home~

     Buried Treasure: Revealing Your Husband As The Man Of Your Dreams is a fantastic book that is worth the read! Leslie truly presents complex ideas in a simple way and she addresses our honest emotions that many of us struggle with but don't know how to address. I know many wives are constantly wishing they could change their husbands and Leslie has found the secret, and you'll have to read it to find out what it is!
     The book was also great because it was very applicable, she actually has questions that you (and your girlfriends if you want to do a study group on this!) can ask yourself so you can begin to see how you can apply the changes within your life and your marriage. Leslie challenges you to think differently, act differently, and speak differently and by using this process you will find changes in your marriage but also in your other relationships as well.
     I fully recommend getting this book, I know you'll receive a blessing from it!
~Alexandrea, Alexandrea J. Wilson

     I'm impressed...this was awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this with me Les!   "I've witnessed my mom putting herself last all my life, but never thought that it applied to me because, well,  she's mom.  Now that I'm a wife and a mom I need to grow up and be who God wants me to be in my marriage.  This is not something that is really 'taught' in our day and age but should start in the home, not in society where the teaching and influences may not be God's desire for us because we are too busy.  Buried Treasure is a great devotional application that is easily related to and draws out what God laid out for us   preserve the 'buried treasure' , our husbands."

    "Buried Treasure faces these challenges head on in nine chapters that include reflection questions, application points, and prayers. The book can be read in one sitting; it covers three aspects of marriage – how to build a solid partnership, how to strengthen and lasting friendship, and how to indulge a passionate lover.
    Monroe covers each topic with candor – her conversational writing style made me feel like I was sitting down for a discussion with a wise friend. She openly shares how she changed her negative attitude toward her marriage into a positive, godly one." -See her full review on her blog Accidentally Green.
~Hilary, Accidentally Green~

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  1. Hey lady! I'm excited to read your book and really happy that you are giving them away to your subscribers. How awesome are you! ;)

  2. This is a book filled with wise applications to make our marriages stronger. Leslie Monroe has written with insight and transparency. I have been married for 45 years and yet I felt I was discovering some significant "treasures."
    The author wrote,"women connect everything and men compartmentalize." Then she gave a code to crack this major difficulty. Her ideas were direct and Bible based. Leslie had a great point about changing our "inner dialog." Her application questions were extremely thought provoking. I plan to use post-it note reminders on my mirror for some of her ideas. Thanks Leslie. I look forward to reading your next book!