Tuesday Tips & Link Up Party #7

Welcome to Tuesday Tips of the Week and Link Up Party! 


Every Tuesday I will be sharing helpful tips that will help you make your life Simply Better.   Please join the fun, comment and share your ideas.

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This week's Tip:

Okay, I think this is too much fun.  Today's tip comes from my mom.  She will color code her work paper clips and folders to match the holiday of the month.  What a fun way to organize, make your world pretty, and unexpected.  Here are examples of the colors she uses every month!

January: White and Ice Blue
February: Red and Pink
March: Dark and Light Green
April: Pastel Blue, Yellow and Pink
May: White and Blue
June: Pink and Blue
July: Red, White and Blue
August: Red and Yellow
September: Red and White
October: Orange and Black
November: Brown and Yellow
December: Red and Green

What do you think, would you organize this way?  Do you have a better way?  I'd love to hear about it, just leave a comment.


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  1. very clever! i try to be organized, try. if i'm having a party or planning a trip, i always create a file folder full of everything for that event, it helps me keep all notes, recipes and tips together in one spot. then it's easy to pack a small folder full of my must see travel spots in my luggage!

  2. Just linked up! Would love for you to come and link up to my new travel themed linky. Great opportunity to showcase your posts about travel, tips, field trips, etc.


  3. Thanks for the linkups, Leslie :-) I think I did the Facebook one wrong so you might want to delete it. I did it too fast, UGH!!

    I liked your Mom's organizational tips using paper clips...That gives me a good reason to restock on those little things we always seem to go hunting for.

  4. Lovely idea! Thanks for the great post & for hosting the linkup, & God bless!

  5. Thanks for hosting! And I love, love, love the color coding! I used to do something similar in my old office job. Makes it so easy to find things.


  6. Thanks for hosting! Love your blog! I'm always color coding...especially my clothes! ;)Please help us reach our 30 likes on facebook.Thx!

  7. Thank you SOO much for the link ups! I'm so glad I found you because they certainly are fun and I love following new people on FB and Twitter as well! Thank you!!