Daddy's Loving Arms

Daddy's are good for lots of things.  They teach us how to dunk cookies in milk, play catch, and toss us high in the air.  One thing they are always good at, they will not let us fall.  Daddy's are there to catch us.  No matter how high we are, when we come back down Daddy's loving arms are waiting for us.

When we are little our Daddy's are big and strong, and nearly perfect.  As time goes on, we start to see their imperfections and humanness.   But that's okay, because there is someone who is perfect, ready and able to love you completely.  Abba Father, God in Heaven - has perfect love and has gone to great lengths so that you cannot fall from his loving arms.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help me to rely on you.  You are the perfect father, never letting me fall, and always there with loving arms.  During the day when I feel as though my life is in free-fall, please help me to remember to turn to you.  Thank you for your love, and that you are always there for me.  Amen.




  1. Leslie, this was a beautiful picture of God's love and an encouragement to me today. The picture of your little girl being tossed in the air by your husband is priceless.

    Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this past week.