First Bites

Hilary Kimes Bernstein from Accidentlly Green wrote her first ebook First Bites and it is now available for purchase on Amazon.  She let me read an advanced copy and below is my honest review. 

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars (here is a link to my Amazon review).

I loved the use of Bible verses to support healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.  It was just a great way to bring food choices into a Biblical perspective.  God does care about what we eat, and how much or how little food we have.  Our bodies are temples for him and we should treat them accordingly.

Hilary has done her homework and this book is well researched she provides a lot of information on additives and chemical found in our foods.

The reason this book does not get 5 stars from me is I really don't think babies need much other than breast milk until they are ready.  This book does follow the guidelines of American mainstream, in that babies at 6 months are "ready" for cereal.  So for the majority of parents this book will support what their pediatrician and first year baby books are telling them.

Really other than that I liked this book and it had good ideas on what to feed babies and toddlers.  Plus this book gets you thinking about making better food choices, for your child and yourself.  Was a great read and I am happy to tell you about it.

Take a small step today to towards eating better, grab some veggies instead of the crackers.  Do you have a goal for your eating habits?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


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