Husband Hacker

I am the worst hacker ever (as requested by Allume).  Can't say I didn't get the job done, though.  I am a very good "delegator", and my wife is accommodating enough to navigate me around her website from time to time.  As a result, I am addressing God knows who in an address of the impact blogging has had on my wife, and perhaps more importantly, how my wife has used it as a conduit to help others.

When Leslie first informed me of her intent to blog, I listened somewhat cordially, and more than likely answered with a grunt of polite, "I'll support you in whatever you would like to do."  For those that haven't had the benefit of first hand experience, my grunts can be very articulate. 

Very quickly, however, the writing became a source of much time, effort, happiness, and some frustration.  I then began to understand this blogging to be something she really cared about.  She wanted it to be good and to be helpful.  It has given her an avenue to channel her energies to help to educate others in ways of parenting and being 'Simply Better', to learn from others, to bring joy and new insight into our marriage and parenting, and to be an inspiration to those that share in her life's adventures as they imprint upon the World Wide Web.  She is not only doing something she enjoys, but she is helping others in the process.  How awesome.  Her endeavors make me want to be a better person.

I am so very proud of Leslie and her continued success.  As her hundreds of followers grow into throngs of thousands, she knows that she'll always have a great fan at home.  I may be terrible at hacking, but I will always strive to be wonderful at encouraging. Love you, babe.

Proud husband,