Go Fish!

Last week we had a visit from our Parents as Teachers representative.  We just have the best time when she visits.  She always brings fun games and we had so much fun with the fish, that I had to make some.

Supplies needed:
Printer (and computer)
Construction Paper
Paper Clips

The fish I found online (go here) and printed out on construction paper.

Then I added some cute eyes and markings with a sharpie.

I stacked the paper up and cut them all out at once.

Then my daughter and I added the paper clips to the fish so the can be "caught" but the magnet fishing line.

I just attached a magnet to the end of a string for her fishing line.

We have had more fun with these fish.  We count them, sort by colors, stack them and put the paper clips on and off.

Have you made a game from items around your house?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


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