Happy Birthday Prayer for My Brother

So if a person lives many years, let him rejoice in them all.
Ecclesiastes 11:8

This weekend I started to think about the day my brother was born. He is my one and only sibling.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I went to meet him.  Was I going to 'feel' like a big sister and have a wonderful bond with him right away?

Whatever I was expecting it didn't happen.

The reality was he cried and had black feet from ink footprints. When he came home things were different in the house.  For a few days I would wake up early to hold him before I went to school.  But mostly he cried, and wanted mom.

I tried many times over the years to bond with him, but I never felt for him what I think a big sister should.  At some point I stopped trying, because none of my attempts were very successful.  We grew up together and yet I hardly know him.  As the older sister, I feel, this is my fault.

Now we are grown and live far apart.  Leading separate lives, it has become even harder to find time to connect.  When we do, there is always a mystery to our relationship.  Maybe something unsaid, but I don't know what it is.  I love him, and I want to know more about my smart, kind brother; there is a missing piece.

I know he has own journey to complete, and maybe he's not ready to share with me.  I am 8 years older, and though not a parent, I am not exactly a peer either.  I have been a Christian his whole life, I gave my heart to God when I was 8, the same year my brother came into the world.  So maybe the unsaid is, my brother is not ready to accept Christ, and until he does we may never be close.

For now I will love him from afar and pray for him on his birthday.

With my brother and his girlfriend at our Grandfather's home.
Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift my sweet brother up to you today.  He needs your peace in his heart, mind, and life.  You are the only one who can bring him peace and lasting happiness.  Cover my brother with your love.  I pray he will know your grace.  

Help him this year in his endeavors.  As he succeeds I pray he will see your hand in his life.  You are the only hope worth having.  I pray that my bother will come to know you and find rest in you.  Amen.

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26



  1. Leslie,

    I have added my "amen" to your prayer for your brother. What a comfort to know that God is pursuing him and will use you in that process. Pray for opportunities to love him like Jesus loves him. My husband prayed for his brother for his hard-hearted brother for 25 years. Three years before he died of cancer, he stood beside him singing praise songs to Jesus and watched as he emerged from the baptismal pool with arms upraised in praise to the God who saved him. Be not weary in doing good, for you will reap a harvest if you do not faint. (Gal. 6:9). I'm visiting from Be Not Weary today, and glad I did :)

  2. Dear sister in Christ,
    I have one brother. We were not been in good terms since our childhood, until recently. Once we had a major fight. Since then we had stopped taking thought we shared same room. I sought every opportunity that I could to express my love to him but he would not respond. Things changed five years later, during my wedding. Soon he accepted Jesus as personal savior. Now we are in good terms. When I'm down he encourages me with word of God and our relationship as siblings has been wonderful. In His time he makes all things beautiful.
    I hope and pray that your brother will accept Jesus into his life soon.