31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 2


Day 2: Expectations

Today let's look at expectations.  Did you have high expectations about married life?

I hoped to never be alone, to always have someone who supported me, to have a life partner.

In reality my expectations were met, but while we were on different working schedules, thousands of miles from friends and family, I felt completely alone. 

The partnership I had dreamed of, was not our reality.  I married my husband with the hope of seeing him everyday for the rest of our lives.  I loved spending time with him, but that was not God's plan for our first married years.  Work kept us apart.

When we did have days together he was a shell of the man I knew.  Working nights took a toll on him, and his funny-loving spirit was dampened by being tired all the time. 

I remember praying and crying to God.  "This is not what I wanted!  I feel so alone."  I was angry.  I was angry at God, the company we worked for, my husband and myself.  I was tired of ... well in reality I was tired of my expectations not being met.

That's when God spoke to my heart.  He had lessons to teach me, patience, self-control, biding my time, preparing me for the future.  His plans were greater, my hopes and dreams were important to Him, but they would happen in His time, not mine.

So I have learned the hard way.  Managing expectations in marriage can be the secret to happiness.  If we allow our expectations to bring us discontentment, we are not realizing the blessing of our marriages.

Have you set high expectations on your marriage or your spouse?  Maybe you need to reevaluate them and  look at the blessings you have and not the ones you would like to have.

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