31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 4


Day 4: Selflessness

The more we give of ourselves the more we gain.

Being selfless is not being a doormat.  It's putting others needs before your own.  Here's an example.

In the evenings I like to read.  So I love to sit in my chair with a hot cup of tea and not move until bedtime.  But I do not live alone, I have a husband and a toddler in my life.  They need me to be selfless, they have needs that require me putting my book down and getting out of my chair.

I'm not always gracious, but I try.

With God's grace and loving example I am getting better.

My marriage would not be a true union of two people if I was always demanding my way, and putting my needs before my husbands.

What could you do this weekend to give a little of yourself?  You will gain so much more than you ever dreamed.


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