31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 15 and Link Up


Day 15: Learn their love language

I touched on this yesterday, but today I wanted to get more into it.

The five main love languages are:

Acts of Service
Quality Time
Physical Touch
Receiving Gifts
Words of Affirmation

Love takes on a whole new meaning when it is spoken in the language our spouse needs.  Where all of these areas are important, only one fills your spouse's love tank up quickly!

Do you know your spouse's love language?  My guess is most wives would guess physical touch for their husbands.  But physical touch encompasses more than sex.  It's holding hands, sitting close on the couch, and gentle kisses.  Romantic touching, and I don't know about you ladies, but that is not my spouses love language!

My husband's is quality time.  This one is hard for us, because we have very little time together.  But I try to make our few moments together count, so that he knows how much he is loved.  How do I make quality time out of a few moments everyday?

My husband goes to work early, and comes home late, so we are not on a similar eating or sleeping schedule.  But I make an effort to be a part of his routine.  I will sit with him while he eats dinner, make him laugh during TV commercials, and I will lay with him in bed before he falls asleep. 

It's important to learn how your spouse feels loved.  There is a great book:  5 Love Languages


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