31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 18 and Link Up


Day 18: Don't Parent

For all the mothers out there this is so hard!  After a long day with the kids, of cleaning messes, correcting behavior and giving instruction when your husband comes home it's hard to shift gears.

One evening we were getting ready to go out as a family, and I asked my husband, "Do you need to go potty before we go?"  His response was kind, "I'm a big boy."  Opps!  I so didn't mean to mother him, but I was in Mommy mode.  (The look on his face when I asked him that, still makes me laugh.) 

Your spouse is not another child in your family, they are your partner, your friend, and mate.  Treat them with respect and talk to them as an equal, never down to them.

Have you done something like this?  How have you tried to shift out of parent mode, and into spouse mode?


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