31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 19


Day 19: Food

Food is important, we have to eat to survive.  Eating is so enjoyable and can invoke memories, yet I'm so weird about food.  I like to eat yummy food, but really don't like to do all the dishes.  So I try to be an efficient cook, with as few dishes as possible.

One of my big problems is I like to only cook once a week (usually on Sunday).  So on Wednesday when my hubby comes home and asks "What's for dinner."  Sometimes (more often that I care to admit) I have no answer.

I know my family needs food, but it means more to my husband than just a full tummy.  He feels loved when I make sure he's well fed.  I have been making his lunches for him and what a difference it has made for us.  I get to love him everyday and he knows every morning when he opens the fridge that I took the time to care for him.

Is food a big deal to your husband?

Do you have a Valentine's feast planned for today?  How are you going to feed your family today?


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