31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 26


Day 26: Communication

The next 6 posts are the last of the 31 Days to a Better Marriage series, and we will be looking at intimacy.  How can we draw closer to our spouses and develop real intimacy?

To be fully known.

That is the root of intimacy.  Our hidden thoughts and secret desires are only made known through communication.  How else do we get to know our spouses? 

It can be challenging to express ourselves.  My husband and I are both engineers, and for the most part logical, but feelings come from an illogical place (or at least it can seem like that).  It has taken time, but I am getting better at expressing myself, and communicating with him.  Every time I step out of my comfort zone, and communicate with him I find our relationship does strengthen.

I want to be fully known in my marriage.  It can be scary, but well worth it.

What will you share with your spouse today?


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