31 Days to a Better Marriage, Day 30 and Link Up Party


Day 30: Physical Closeness

I'm actually not talking about ... well you know what!  :) 

I'm talking about just being in the same physical space.  Like sitting on the couch together, or reading the morning paper in bed together.

When dating, I would find creative ways to spend time with my man.  But after being married for a decade, life seems to get in the way of spending time together.

There will always be dishes to do, laundry to fold, and projects around the house that I "should" be working on.  But I think it is important to find a way to be close to my husband. 

I miss him so much during the week, but on the weekends we have so many things to do, sometimes we forget to just be together.

So this week I want to encourage you to find ways to just be with your husband!  :)  I'd love to hear what you come up with.


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