31 Days of Homemade, Day 19



Day 19: Body Lotion

This is a creamy and easy to make body lotion.

Recipe for Homemade Body Lotion:

  • 1 1/4 cup hot water - heat in microwave for 1 minute

separately heat the wax and oil in microwave for 1 minute

add the essential oil to the wax and oil after it is heated
  • 24-36 drops essential oil

Then add the hot water to the hot wax in a pint jar.

*This recipe came from A Sonoma Garden here is a link to the original page.

*Note: I've had this separate on me, so I will let it cool for 30 minutes and then mix it and then again after 1 hour.

**Note: Because you are using water pay attention to the shelf life, I have had this get moldy after a month.  So use it up!  That batch didn't have essential oil it, and I think the essential oil helps keep the mold from growing.