31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 1

Day 1: Checklist of Must Haves

This list is actually much shorter than you think it might be.  Babies do not need as much stuff as the big box stores would have you belive.

Must Haves:

  • Car Seat: They won't let you take baby home if you don't have one of these!  Buy new, or get one from a trusted friend.
  • Diapers: Cloth or disposable, whatever you decide you will need diapers right away.
  • Wipes: To go with the diapers!
  • Onesies: Baby has to wear something, and I'm sure you will be stocked with gifts from your baby showers, or all the garage sales you've visited.
  • Blankets: I don't think you can have too many blankets, some days you used 5 and other days you use only 1.  They are great for spit ups, swaddling and keeping baby warm.
  • Diaper Bag: Something to carry all the diapers, wipes, onesies, and blankets when you are using the carseat!

That's it.  Really, only 6 things.  Baby won't need much the first few days.  I know it doesn't seem like much, so here are a few things that are good to have around the house.

Nice to Haves:

  • Diaper changing table: Get one at a good height for you and your spouse!  Our first one was too low, and we quickly moved to a higher one so we weren't at an odd angle while changing the many diapers.
  • co-sleeper/bassinet/crib: Think about how you plan to sleep with baby and if you don't co-sleep, I still recommend keeping baby close to you so you can get some sleep between wakings.
  • Bouncy seat: I have 3 of these strategically placed around the house.
  • Swing: Babies love to swing!  This was the only way I could keep my daughter asleep without holding her.
  • Bath tub:  Once the belly button comes off, if you don't want to bath with your little one, a smaller tub is the way to go.  Put it in the sink, or the bath tub.
  • Lap Pads: Great for changing diapers, and keeping messes to a minimum.

Did I miss something you think is a must have?  Please let me know!  Be sure to come back on Friday for Day 2 of the series and Faithful Friday blog hop.

(Here is a link to all the posts for 31 Days of Preparing for Baby, the links will become active as the series progresses.)

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