31 Days of Preparing for Baby

Getting ready to bring a baby home? Well then this new series is for you!  Here are some things to do to help you get ready for the big day, and the months to follow.

  1. Checklist of must haves
  2. Research
  3. Baby Apps
  4. Lavish attention on spouse
  5. Take a class
  6. Educate Yourself
  7. Doulas
  8. Interview Pediatricians
  9. Write a birth plan
  10. Freezer Meals
  11. Stock up on Staples
  12. Wrap up things at work
  13. Rest
  14. Read
  15. Walk
  16. Lavish attention on kids (or pets)
  17. Organize
  18. Clean
  19. Go to a meeting
  20. Prepare for nursing
  21. Baby memory book
  22. Plan who will do what after the baby comes
  23. Make a so sweet of you list
  24. Pray
  25. Plan routes to take
  26. Gather important info
  27. Pack bag
  28. Bible verses 
  29. Get home ready for baby
  30. Automate your life
  31. Presents for kids and helpers
(I will be updating the links to the posts as the series progresses, so if a link doesn't work, then the posts hasn't posted yet.  Be sure to sign up for weekly emails so that you can get this series' updates.)

Day 1, starts tomorrow!  I hope you are as blessed by this series as I am.  Babies are a treasure and bring so much joy into the world.

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