7 tips for staying cool this summer

How does a pregnant lady stay cool in the summer?

This is the million dollar question, and I wish I had a million dollar answer:)

It has not been easy for me this summer.  Thankfully it has been mostly cool, and we have wonderful AC. 

But I've found some ways that have helped me this summer.

  1. NO socks, way too hot inside or outside.
  2. Ice water, all the time.  Morning, Noon or night that's what you will find in my glass.
  3. Homemade popsicles (watermelon and lime have been a favorite)
  4. I wear cotton dresses. tanks and shorts aren't as cool as you think.
  5. Basement projects.  I really like spending time in the basement!  It's a good 5 degrees cooler than our first floor and I love finding things to do down there:)
  6. Pool time
  7. When we do go outside into the humid heat I will sit in the shade with my ice water and even put my feet under a sprinkler! 

Even when I'm not pregnant I have trouble with getting over heated, and with this little one on the way due at the end of the crazy hot Midwest summer I'm all ears when it comes to suggestions on how to stay cool.  Please leave a comment if you have a tip!  :)