Forgive Yourself

Do you find it easier to forgive others, and leave all the criticism and harsh judgment for yourself?

Do past wrongs come back to haunt you?

Are you striving to live under God's forgiveness, but aren't sure how to actually forgive yourself?

Then this book is for you!

Forgive Yourself helps you find ways to start forgiving yourself, and to begin living the life God wants you to.

Here's what others are saying about this ebook.

Misty from Simply Helping Him says:

   "Leslie speaks truth into your heart, allowing you the ability to see what you've been holding onto, why and how you are able to set yourself free. Forgiveness is something we are called to do, but often we neglect to forgive ourselves, in "Forgive Yourself" you find easy steps to walking down the road to forgiveness. 
In the chapter, "Confront the past with time", I felt as if she was looking into my life, for time is what God has used to help me forgive myself. This book is easy to read, and will speak to your heart and help move you beyond your past mistakes. "

Ashley from This Southern Girl's Heart says:

   “This past weekend, I sat down to read a book review from my sweet friend Leslie from Be Simply Better. When I read the Title- Forgive Yourself, I knew this would be for me. Written for real women who have struggled with the guilt of carrying heavy weights of the past. Leslie shares scripture, prayers, her own journey, and support in this amazing read.
   She explains how we CAN forgive, confront our pasts, change our thoughts, and tells that you aren't not the person you once were. I can't even begin to tell you that's exactly what I needed to hear. She brings up tips on how we can work through hurt, pain and guilt and come out a better person from it.”

Maggie, Editor and Author of Milk Diaries says:

   “Like so many others, I struggle with guilt from time to time. And although I try to remember that "as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us," I wrestle with HOW to forgive myself stop the vicious cycle that can sometimes paralyze my heart and mind.  That's why I like Forgive Yourself so much.  This book doesn't just say, "stop feeling guilty!" or throw out Bible verses so you feel even more guilty about feeling guilty... rather it skillfully provides readers with practical steps (beautifully woven together with applicable verses) to help them work through the guilt and move on with the blessings.”

Tauna from The Proverbial Homemaker  says:  

   “Last week I read Forgiving Yourself, a new eBook by Leslie Monroe of The short, sweet pages are filled with truth, hope, and the freedom of forgiveness. 
   If you've ever found yourself weighed down by your past and struggling to live in the peace of Christ, this is a book for you! The chapters are short, practical, and inspirational. Let God speak to you through Forgiving Yourself today!”

Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife says: 

   "As a child growing up in a Christian home, things looked perfect from the outside. But on the inside, things were falling apart. Over the years and through the grace of God, things have changed for the better. And yet there are things not settled. Things in my heart that had never been dealt with. I thought I had forgiven, and yet there was still bitterness. You see, we are often hardest on ourselves and forget that we too, deserve forgiveness.
   In Leslie's book, Forgive Yourself, this topic is addressed.  Learning to let go of the past and reach towards the future with God's help.  Leslie clearly explains why you should forgive yourself, how to change your pattern of thinking and ways to leave the past behind.  'Our past defines where we have been, NOT where we are going.'"

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