Happy 4th of July Crafts!

Ready for some red, white and blue fun?  I sure am.  These are easy, toddler approved crafts to do this weekend.

1.  Wooden popsicle stick Flag

  • Painted popsicle sticks
  • Glued them to cardboard
  • Then added a star

Things got a little messy, but that's part of the fun!

2. Red and Blue Confetti
  • Tear up red and Blue construction paper
  • Put it a cute jar, for the next craft
  • (My DD, loved this!  She worked until it was all torn up.)

 3. Star Centerpiece
  • Paint wooden popsicle sticks (red, white and blue)
  • Glue on paper stars (we just put one on the front and back of the stick)
  • Place in the jar from craft #2 (above)

 4. Star Poster
  • Glue stars on construction paper
  • (We had left over stars, and I'm so glad we did, DD loved this project)

5. Red, White and Blue Snack
  • Cut bananas and strawberries, wash blueberries
  • I put all these on a plate with short skewers
  • Make fun patterns and eat!

Here is our new super festive 4th of July centerpiece!  I just love this, and smile every time I see it:)

God bless you and your family as we celebrate all our wonderful freedoms.  I hope you have fun with these crafts.