31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 4

Day  4: Lavish attention on your spouse

Take some time this week to give your spouse some much needed attention.  Things are changing for him too, and he needs to know that you still value him.  Here are some fun ideas to get some together time.

  • Go for a walk together.  My husband and I always have the the best talks when we are walking.

  • Date night.  We love to eat out together, and enjoy taking our time over dinner and dessert.

  • No TV.  Try it for a night.  No TV, instead play board games or read a book together.

Once baby comes your priorities really change, and you will value your time alone even more.  So send your hubby a text and set up a date this week!

(Here is a link to all the posts for 31 Days of Preparing for Baby, the links will become active as the series progresses.)



  1. Oh this post hits home. Last night was a waker upper that my spouse is going through similar things, just not expressing it as much as I. (We had a traumatic birth the first time and as Due date nears both of us are getting itchy) Lavishing ones spouse is a great idea!
    Have a great Tuesday!