31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 5

Day  5:  Take a Class

There are so many classes offered at hospitals, birth centers, and among various other groups to get you prepared for baby.  Which ones do you take?

For me the choice was easy, I wanted to be well informed and educated.

My husband and I opted for Bradley Method Classes.  They were intense and we were very well prepared.  Starting at 20 weeks we went to class once a week for 14 weeks.  The information we gained from this class was amazing.  We were able to prepare for a natural childbirth in a hospital.  I can't tell you how many times I've been talking to other mothers and they say, "I had no idea." or "I was clueless as to the hospital's policies."  That was not the case with us, we have very few surprises at the hospital, and knew what to expect.  I cannot recommend Bradley Classes enough.  (Here are the Bradley books.)

The only class I'd consider taking at a hospital is, Happiest Baby on the Block.  This class is amazing!  Babies have a calming reflex, and you will learn how to help calm your baby.  Just amazing. There is also a book too.  The book is okay, but the video and class are really good.

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